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Sell pizza setups from S&T

Voucher = one pizza setup

Give vouchers to buyers, keep profit

S&T Fundraiser Details

Our fundraising program is easy for both the non-profit organization and the consumer. When you partner with us, you will sell redeemable vouchers for our pizza setups. You get them for a $3 discount and you can sell them for whatever you want. We recommend a $3-$5 profit margin.

S&T does not buy vouchers back and they don't expire. They can be used whenever you want.

Benefits of S&T Fundraiser

No Risk

Collect money and buy vouchers, that's it. No risk, no hassle.

Minimal Work

There is very little work involved for the organizations that run the campaigns.

No Selling Food

You are selling a discount voucher, not the food itself. No perishable items change hands.

Good Profit Margins

Offer discount incentives to the buyers or keep the profit margin. It's up to you.



S&T Too

S&T Too

S&T Too

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